Here are some suggestions to learn more about your state and local representative’s stance on medical freedom, or the right to choose what is injected in your body.

1.  Look for a voter guide like these in your particular state which researches candidate opinions on the right to choose.

North Carolina:

California: chooseyourrep.com2.  Google each representative’s name + “medical freedom” to see how they have voted or their take on this issue.3.  Look for your individual state’s health freedom organization to find out more.4.  Unfortunately, the issue of health freedom has been challenged in some states thus far like California and New York. Without fail, this complex and controversial issue has been split down party lines. Historically, Republicans have been in favor of protecting freedoms of all kinds, including your right to reject or accept vaccinations. When in doubt, look up Republican voter guides and vote red.As for the federal level, here are the candidates running for President of the United States and their take on whether to make the covid-19 vaccine mandatory or not.Trump says he will not mandate.  20:18-20:32  Biden says he will mandate a covid-19 vaccine.1:12:00-1:12:52. Best quote 1:12:40.     Try logging onto health to find a state chapter in your state.