United Simultaneous Action – USA

Dear Health Freedom Warriors,

It is time to unleash the full power of our movement on the world! How do we do that? Haven’t we tried everything? Actually, what we haven’t tried is this – all of us taking the same action at the exact same time!

Today by simply watching this minute and a half video by Christiane Northrup, MD on the dangers of a mandated COVID vaccine and sharing it ASAP with everyone you know, this USA (Unified and Simultaneous Action) has the potential to quite possibly change the course of history!

Can you imagine the effect we will have when millions of us across this country and around the world learn the truth by watching this very short video?

Please don’t hesitate! Let’s put our numbers (and there are MILLIONS of us) behind this action! Watch this video, share it NOW and encourage everyone you know to support this USA (United Simultaneous Action!)

It is up to us to bring about the change we all seek!

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