DID YOU KNOW… There are safe and effective treatments and prophylactics that can help obliterate COVID-19 without risky vaccines or disastrous lockdowns?

Laraine Abbey-Katzev RN, MS, CNS and Kim Mack Rosenberg, Esq.

Did You Know that the NIH (National Institutes of Health) COVID-19 treatment guidelines as of 12/29/20, shockingly continue to ignore the pleas of frontline physicians using safe and effective treatments based on high quality research? But here’s some good news (at 45:12 to 49:21): https://bit.ly/3pSauSe

Did You Know that Ivermectin, a drug approved by the FDA to treat other conditions, has been shown to successfully prevent and treat COVID-19?

  • At a US Senate hearing on early treatment and prevention of COVID-19, lung specialist Dr. Pierre Kory, of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, described the miraculous benefit of Ivermectin and testified, “If you take it you will not get sick!” [the typical preventive dose is 12 mg. once per week]. https://bit.ly/3pSNx1h
  • In a study by lead Argentinian investigator, Dr. Héctor Carvallo, not a single one of 788 healthcare workers given Ivermectin preventively got sick with COVID-19, while a whopping 58.2% of approximately 407 healthcare workers NOT taking Ivermectin (using only PPE) tested positive and got sick. https://bit.ly/3pLdJer
  • Worldwide, over 3.7 billion people have been successfully treated with Ivermectin for a wide variety of conditions other than COVID-19, and now 4 randomized controlled trials and 3 observational trials around the world show how safe and effective ivermectin is in preventing and treating COVID-19 (both in outpatient and hospital settings). https://bit.ly/2MpWSPM (details and dosing from 27:14 to 39:24); https://bit.ly/35c7iJp

Did You Know that the long-used medication, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is also effective in COVID-19 prevention and treatment of early and moderate stage disease; and very safe when used in the correct low dosage regimen (government reports of HCQ dangers followed studies using abnormally high and potentially lethal dosages). You can get a same-day prescription via telemedicine. http://bit.ly/2JKAy2z

Did You Know that Quercetin, a readily available nutrient supplement, works similarly to HCQ when taken in combination with Zinc and Vitamin C? See some protocols here that have been prepared for medical practitioners:

Did You Know that Vitamin D reduces your risk of getting COVID-19, and, if you get COVID-19, reduces your risk of dying? Did You Know that the same is true for Melatonin, for Vitamin C and Quercetin, and also for Zinc. https://bit.ly/2MpWSPM (at 10:30-16:17)

Did You Know that you can access preventive and lifesaving COVID-19 drugs now?


Did You Know that you can bring evidence to your physician or hospital of COVID-19 preventive and life-saving protocols that are better than the NIH recommendations? Tell him/her to go to http://bit.ly/3n96zik and explore the protocols and to read the Ivermectin FAQs at http://bit.ly/2MCcMHb

Did You Know that the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has published “A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment”? You can request the guide at http://bit.ly/38VwgOk