Wonderful. Exciting. Safe and effective.

These are just a few of the descriptions used in a recent Buncombe County Government webinar about the new COVID vaccine for 5- to 11-year-olds. During the hour-long program, health professionals emphasized that giving children the vaccine—now available to kids 5 and older under an emergency use authorization—is the only way that we can all get back to normal. But is there more to know as you make a decision that affects your kid’s health and future?

Will the vaccine actually offer our children and our community greater protection? What kind of data do we have on safety? Do the benefits clearly outweigh the risks? Should you rush out and get the shot right away?

Parents deserve honest answers and science-based facts in order to make an informed decision about giving their child the COVID vaccine. Please join us for a panel of North Carolina-based medical experts. You’ll hear important—and impartial—information that every parent should know about the COVID-19 vaccine for kids. So you can get your questions answered, the session will wrap up with a Q&A. This is a collaboration of Millions Against Medical Mandates and HEAL NC.

Panel: Jessica Peatross MD, Mark Hoch MD, Bose Ravenel MD, Maureen McDonnell BSN

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