COVID Vaccine on Trial – Robert F. Kennedy

Transcript of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Portion of COVID Vaccine on Trial

Hey, everybody. I’m Robert F. Kennedy Jr. And welcome to The COVID Vaccine on Trial. Thank you all for signing up and participating in this important event. We have some extraordinary speakers to talk to you today, to educate us and inform us and to weaponize the information that we need to know to fight some of the medical totalitarianism that is beginning to cast… Not beginning, but has already cast a very dark shadow on our country. I wanna talk specifically and very briefly about an article that I published in The Defender earlier this week. And I would urge you, those of you who have not looked at that article, to please look at it and then, I’m gonna ask you maybe to start sending it to people like David Kessler and Ron Klain and other people in the administration because it makes a very important point.

And the article is what began as a response to my initial article in The Defender in which I pointed out that Hank Aaron’s death was part of a wave of deaths among seniors, among elderly people, Americans, following vaccination. And what I said was true. I did not say that Hank Aaron died of the COVID vaccine. I said… And as you guys know, as many of you know, Hank Aaron did a press conference that was arranged by HHS in order to persuade Black Americans to take the COVID vaccine. And he took the vaccine in a public press conference and then, 17 days later, he passed away. And his message to Black Americans was, “The vaccine is safe. Look, I’m doing it.” I knew Hank Aaron and I admired him enormously, and without any reservation.

But because of the peculiar circumstances of his death, it seems a fair object of scrutiny. And so, I wrote that very, very gentle and really, a not very assertive but a pretty obvious observation, but the national press reacted with this extraordinary cascade of vitriolization and anger and moral outrage. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Inside Edition, Meet the Press, The New York Times, The LA Times, The Houston Chronicle, The Chicago Tribune, all did editorials condemning me for making this connection. And I was puzzled by this because all of those articles cited the Fulton County Coroner’s Office were assuring the public that Hank Aaron’s death was not caused by a vaccine.

I was curious about that because there is a way to make that determination medically. Vaccine injuries come in all kinds of guises: Seizures, heart attacks, inflammation, stroke, and many, many other injuries that cause vaccination. And the facts that are triggered, may be existing co-morbidities. That and the trauma is triggered by the vaccine but there’s no fingerprint left by the vaccine. You don’t know whether that injury… We don’t know whether Hank Aaron would have died. He was 86 years old. We have no idea whether he would have died 17 days after that vaccine, whether he had the vaccine or not. There is no way in most cases to blame an individual death on vaccination.

As you know, there are 400 different injuries. Many of them are potentially lethal and are listed on manufacturer’s inserts. There’s 175 injuries that The Institute of Medicine has said, “We think these are coming from vaccines but we don’t know.” Many of them are lethal. In the thousands of cases that have been brought before the vaccine court, the government always takes the position that that injury was not caused by vaccine. And yet, the court has paid out $4.5 billion after determining that, yes, it was caused by the vaccine. So there’s always an argument, there’s always a dispute, and that’s fair. There is no way that anybody can say Hank Aaron died from that vaccine, but there’s no way that anybody can say that he didn’t.

So I wanted to speak to the medical genius at the coroner’s office to find out how they had made that determination. I spent a lot of time waiting on telephones, but they were surprisingly professional, and they connected me with an investigator who told me, when I asked the question, who informed me, “We never had Hank Aaron’s body. The family did not give it to us. There was no autopsy. There was no postmortem. There was never any necropsy or any autopsy by anybody. His personal doctor assumed that he died of natural causes. And in those cases, the coroner’s office does not take jurisdiction. We never saw him.” I said, “Oh.” The national press had simply lied to the American public by saying that they were told by the coroner’s office that the coroner’s office had done an investigation and made the determination that Hank Aaron died of natural causes.

So, I ask you to think about that and to think about, “This is about what Emerson said,” and I’ll paraphrase it, “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it fall, and the lumber companies claim it never fell… ” Well, that’s where we are today. If nobody reports the vaccine injury, if they can suppress it, if they can successfully suppress reports about vaccine injury, which they are systematically doing, and the vaccine company come back and say, “See, we proved it safe.” And that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. So, keep that in mind. Pull that article that I wrote. Send copies of it to David Kessler and copies to Ron Klain. You can also send it to all the reporters who wrote those nasty stories about me, and I will appreciate it. Anyway, have a great time at the conference.

I look forward to seeing all of you here and on the barricades, and God bless all of you.

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