Here is a poster that replaces Fear with Facts and Common Sense.  Created by Nurses, Physicians, and Scientists who understand that many of the draconian measures we are being asked to implement serve no purpose in terms of promoting our physical or mental health. Help us get the word out! We’ve provided a graphic image for ease of sharing digitally and a printable version.

  • Right click on the images to download them and post on social media, email them to your network of friends, family, and colleagues, place them on your website.
  • To download the printable versions of the flyers, click the links under the image. Post these flyers on community billboards and throughout your towns and cities.
People deserve empowering information to improve health and strengthen their immune systems.
When we know better, we do better!

Download the printable flyer here.

Download the printable flyer here.

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Millions Against Medical Mandates faces unprecedented censorship. We have been banned, blocked, and deleted on social media, and our website is facing deindexing on Google.


Join us on our new website and help us spread the truth!
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