May 20, 2021

CTA #1

Contact the FDA about the EUA COVID-19 Vaccine Authorization

Please encourage your followers, members, friends etc. to go to the FDA website and post a comment regarding CHD/MAMMs petition to the FDA to revoke the EUA (Emergency Authorization Act)  and prevent the licensing of the COVID vaccines. 

If enough of us comment and get others to comment, we can make a difference and embolden the judges.  We’re basically taking the first step toward demanding a total recall of these toxic injections!

Please take a moment and write a comment about your experience (possible injury by a COVID or other vaccine) and or your opinion regarding why we do not need the EUAs or want the licensing of these vaccines.   We all know the next step after licensing the COVID vaccine is mandating the vaccine and we can’t let that happen! 

Click the image below to view the full CHD/MAMM petition to the FDA.

CTA #2

Help us gather information about COVID-19 Vaccine affects on women’s cylces.


We are asking women from around the world who have experienced symptoms (clotting, menstrual irregularities, miscarriages etc.) after being exposed to someone who received the COVID vaccine to go to and take the survey (it takes about 20 min). 

Tens of thousands of women are reporting these symptoms but their stories are being scrubbed from FB and or disregarded by their physicians.  We are not only trying to legitimize what these women are saying by turning their stories into data for future research study we  ultimately want to get to the bottom of the cause or causes of this phenomenon.  

Watch “Could THEIR Shot Be Harming You” to learn more.