Our Mission

THE TIME IS NOW for those of us working to end vaccine mandates, reverse the current children’s health crisis, and protect medical freedom TO COME TOGETHER AND EFFECT REAL CHANGE! 

 “We are going to stand shoulder to shoulder and we are going to bring them down.” 


Over the past several decades, many individuals and organizations have contributed massively to this effort. However, we find ourselves at a unique and critical juncture in time — with vaccine mandates becoming a reality in several states — and we require a new approach. As history has taught us through the civil rights and women’s suffrage movements, WE ARE STRONGER IF WE STAND TOGETHER. With collaboration and solidarity as our goal, and with a deep sense of urgency, we call on you to be part of this new, unified effort to end medical mandates.    

“It does not take a majority to prevail…but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men.” 

-Samual Adams

In May of 2019, a group of 50 freedom-loving, mandate-fighting professionals from 30 organizations met to create a strategic plan to halt the health-destroying policies and practices affecting our children. The massive decline in children’s health has risen exponentially along with the CDC’s ever-expanding vaccine schedule. Our conference title was Children’s Health Solutions Summit.” Preventing and repealing vaccine mandate laws was our unanimous focus. The result of our meeting was the formation of a solutions-based think tank — Millions Against Medical Mandates. We established three major goals: 

1. Garnering all the various groups and individuals engaged in opposition to vaccine mandates and inviting them to sign a mission statement of opposition to create a massive and unified activist community and voting block

2. Collectively promoting and supporting the member groups’ legislative, litigative, scientific and communications efforts to overturn these tyrannical, unconstitutional laws that are based upon fraudulent ‘consensus’ science being used to remove vaccine exemptions; and 

3. Developing novel pro-active projects as a coalition to change the authority, the narrative and, ultimately, the law to create and maintain a world without medical mandates — starting first with ending vaccine mandates by 2021.

Join us in our effort to unify and enact proactive strategies by signing Millions Against Medical Mandates’ mission statement and principles.

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Millions Against Medical Mandates

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